Soul music is, emotion on steroids (Pt. 3) …

In part one we looked at soul music, it’s origins and sub-genres. In part two we asked ‘Where is the love?’ so we could identify our full expressions and dimensions through this musical genre. In this final instalment, we take a brief gaze into the crystal ball to see if we can get a handle on what the crystal ball has in store for soul music in the future.

Soul music, like any other music genre, is generally a reflection of the environment and times it was born and thrives in. It draws its influences from the mood and tone of society, the daily pressures of life and of course, that element of escapism. On one level it is intensely personal and on another a shared and collective experience.

Thanks to video footage, archives and some excellent biographies and bio-pics we can map the journey of soul music through the ages, quite vividly. We can embrace the backdrop against which some of these iconic sounds and the messages they carried were created, almost as if we were there. Soul music has always been a powerful carrier of  these messages and the sentiments of the day. Which brings us to today and the future.

What are the stories we’re going tell and who will find them of interest?

As we write it is December 2016 and the world is a crazy place. War, terrorism, poverty, chronic diseases and inequality populate our global news. The internet, mobile technology and social media—for far too many—have become integral to existence. Relationships and the need to get along seem to be a trip into nostalgia. If ever there was a time when soul music was needed, surely it’s now.

Soul Music in its purest form is a healer and the world is most definitely in need of healing. Artists, songwriters, producers, radio stations and promoters; in fact, anyone who wants to creatively use soul music as a vehicle for global social change has a role to play. What we write, say and sing and how we write it, say it and sing it can have immense power and outreach.

Through soul music we can paint vivid pictures of a better you, a better me, a better us, a better world. We can steer away from the aggression that is pervasive in current R&B output. We can empower and invest in ourselves.  We can be a catalyst for rebuilding relationships. We can be the anthems that bind positive collective experiences. Soul music can strike at the very core of togetherness.

Music, from its very inception, has been used to convey feelings and expressions in ways that other mediums can’t. Soul music takes this to a whole new level as central to authentic soul music is the human experience. It connects us with who we’ve been, who we are and who we will be.

Our crystal ball tells us the world really needs this right now.

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The British Soul Renaissance
December, 2016

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