Jesse Gamage

Jesse Gamage

A little something about Jesse

Jesse is a soul singer/songwriter from South London who has been performing for over 12 years. He first picked up a guitar as a teenager and has never put it down since. As a self-taught artist, Jesse’s influences are a product of the environments that he has been exposed to.

Musically, the genres of soul, folk, rock, Hip-Hop and funk were his playground and have all played their part. Whilst, spiritually, cultural diversity has always been a natural value of Jesse’s. Which he expresses through the fusion of African, Asian and Western cultures into his unique soulful sound.

With critical acclaim for his live shows, we witness his creative use of a Loopstation as he weaves complex harmonies and guitar riffs, producing tracks of great depth from start to finish in front of engaged and appreciative audiences. Whilst, Jesse is most obviously a soul singer. It is actually his ‘soul’ that has given him the gift of song.

Jesse Gamage, a child of nature and modern day soulful poet.

‘Imagine Omar jamming with Akala and you’re somewhere in the ball park’
Songwriting Magazine 2015

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Jesse Gamage performing
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Jesse Gamage performing live

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